Lesson Plans.

In this lesson we're getting down to some fundamental processes with watercolour. I shall be asking my students to work with care, precision and concentration. Here is a series of exercises which I call The Double Square which we will, among other things, be following.

Spring Term 2019: Watercolour exercises.

Lesson 11: Laying a wash, revelations, soft, hard and lost edges.

  • Mix up plenty of a wash colour, perhaps yellow ochre and ultramarine. Mix it in a saucer and mix more than you think you need. Use a mop brush or your largest floppiest brush. Rest your watercolour paper on a low box or similar so that it tips very slightly down towards you. Load your brush with as much as it will hold and unload it evenly from left to right reloading the brush as necessary so as to create a bead of wash collecting at the bottom of your brush stroke. Reload your brush and pick up the bead of wash from right to left of the page and draw it across laying an even coverage of wash.

  • Exercises with two squares. See example, draw two overlapping squares in pencil. Create the look of the two squares weaving together by rubbing the places where one square overlaps the other.

  • Using a wash colour, put your paint on the page to ‘reveal’ one of the squares - leaving it white. Make sure that where the non-white square passes over the white square you paint the non-white square. Using a new colour, paint a new layer which reveals the second square and leaves the white square white.

  • Forest, reveal two white trees which are as tall as the whole height of your page. Make sure there is space between them. This space becomes an ‘opportunity’ in which you’re going to reveal another, or two more, tree/s.

  • Playing with revealed shapes. See examples.

Next lesson: Bring a magazine, scissors, a glue stick and watercolours. We’re going to take images, cut them in half and paint the missing half matching colour and tone. Choose an image/some images that contain/s elements of the exercises we’ve been looking at today.

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