Lesson Plans.

In this lesson I'm asking my students to devise their own projects over at least two sessions. They'll decide on the subject, medium and path through the project. For those who have missed these instructions I have an idea for them based on the work of Giorgio Morandi...as follows.

Summer Term 2019: An own choice project over at least two sessions.

Lesson 8: Thinking about techniques, subjects and paintings you have made previously in class and choosing your own path…

  • For those who haven’t done the ‘drawing with ink and cocktail-stick’ lesson I suggest it’s worth doing in this first ‘own choice’ project. It’s an unusual but highly effective technique…and a great deal of fun!

  • For those devising their own project, you can narrow your ideas down to a single technique, theme or subject or you can use a mix of media as we have done previously. Think about the medium/media you want to use – think back to how you used it and the results you gained.

  • Possibly you are choosing a medium with which you feel you haven’t had enough success or perhaps you are choosing to finish some pieces of work that hadn’t been finished in class.

  • If you haven’t an idea or a medium to work with I shall get you to look at the work of Giorgio Morandi (my book, with me in class) and set up a still life influenced by his still-lifes.

  • Look around the room (or in the hall kitchen). Gather five or six objects of as simple a form and colour as you can find and set them in front of you influenced by the compositions of Morandi.

  • Work in whatever medium you have – Morandi made drawings, used oil paint and watercolour and made etchings. There’s plenty to look at in the way he worked!

  • Morandi was very conscious of the in-between spaces. He looked for the shapes between his objects and the relationships of one object to another.

  • I have pastels which you can use to make pastel drawings. These may become working drawings for paintings in the next lesson.

Next lesson: Use the work you made in this lesson to take forward onto the next stage. It might be paintings from drawings, or another go with the medium you’ve been using today. Please remember to bring everything you need.

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