Lesson Plans.

In this lesson I'm putting my students through their drawing paces! They will have brought a bowl of fruit and drawing things...

Summer Term 2019: A Bowl of Fruit.

Lesson 10: Drawing – a way of making visual notes for future reference.

  • Set your bowl of fruit in front of you. You can keep all the fruit in the bowl or set some outside the bowl.

  • Draw for ten minutes in any way you choose.

  • Turn the bowl around so that it looks a bit different. Spend ten minutes making a drawing without looking at the drawing as you create it. In other words, you’ll spend 100% of your drawing time studying your subject and not your drawing.

  • Move one piece of fruit out of, and away from, the bowl so that a space exists between them. This time you can look at both your subject and your drawing. Start by looking for a shape which exists between the bowl and the separated fruit. Work out the base of the bowl in relation to the bottom of the fruit. Continue this as a line drawing. Negotiate and re-negotiate.

  • Using the side of your pencil, create a tonal drawing by softly hatching. Find an area of both mid and dark tone together, find this shape first and then continue in the same way across the whole subject.

  • Set the bowl up differently again.

  • A drawing of shape! Think Picasso! Simplify the shapes you see by translating them to geometric shapes. Extend some the fruit or bowl’s edges through the drawing beyond where they actually exist. Embrace the abstract! Make an experimental drawing using a combination of both line and tone.

Next lesson: Translating one or other (or all!) of your drawings into a painting – it could be watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastels (oil or soft pastels) or mixed media. We’ve done a lot of mixed media this term so you have experience! Please bring your drawings next week and the media you’ve chosen to use.

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