LESSON PLANS: WINTER 2021 LESSON 2 Still-life in colour pencils.

The challenge in this lesson is to complete a still-life drawing using no outlines - using instead some of the techniques we were practicing in last week's lesson, namely hatching in layers of colour and tone, gradually bringing the drawing into focus.

Winter term 2021. Lesson 2. Using skills from last week’s lesson

Using colour pencils to draw with tone, colour and precision.

· This will be a drawing which begins without outlines!

· Set up a simple, solid still-life directly in front of you.

· When starting a drawing like this, it can seem that achieving any kind of precision is impossible without beginning with precision. However, I’m asking you to begin by hatching very loosely in a pale colour across your page to create an ‘indicative’ sketch of your subject. At this stage your drawing will look very unclear, just some apparently random hatchings!

· Work a new layer over the top of the first, looking for some darker/darkish areas and some ‘helpful’ areas. By ‘helpful’ areas, in my example drawings I found the ellipses of the vessels very useful as simple contained shapes. This next layer will be a slightly darker colour and will further to clarify some of your edges – although this layer is still what I’d call loose hatching.

· Each new layer will be a little bit darker and create a little more clarification of your edges and tones. The previous layers will indicate to you where you’ll place your subsequent layers.

· Gradually, and with each new layer, you’ll sharpen your edges, darken your tones and bring into sharp focus that which began in a loose and indicative way.

Next lesson: We’re going to combine colour pencil and watercolour, bring watercolours, colour pencils and good watercolour paper. You can choose to work directly from a still-life as we did in this lesson OR you might decide to work from a working-drawing from your sketch books, any subject.

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