LESSON PLANS: WINTER TERM 2021 - LESSON 1. Meditative drawing, tone and colour.

We are having a run of four sessions for the beginning of our winter term, and this is the first lesson. In this lesson I'm asking my students to be very precise with their drawing skills - so this is not a lesson about expressive drawing but much more about control of pencils to create tones. There is one small expressive element to this lesson, time allowing!

Winter term 2021. Lesson 1 meditative drawing with pencils and colour pencils.

Looking at tone, colour and precision.

· In first part of this lesson I’m looking for precise rather the expressive drawing.

· Sharpen all your pencils very well.

· Lightly draw round something circular, approx. 2inches across.

· Using a soft (4B etc.) well sharpened pencil on its side (therefore using the length of the pencil lead), begin to put the tone into one side of the circle. Use circular motion to build up that tone where you want it to be dark and using the same motion but more lightly, move across to build some tone in those areas which will not be so dark.

· Absorb the pale outline into your tone as you go. Continue until you’ve created a sphere as opposed to a circle! (The appearance of 3D).

· Choose four colours which travel through the tonal range (I chose dark blue, dark brown, light brown and yellow)

· In a newly and very lightly drawn circle, repeat the same but this time start very lightly with your darkest colour. Gradually build the darkest tone with more pressure on the first colour and mix into it your next colour in tonal value. I used dark brown and blue in the darkest area, the same blue and light brown in the middle area and light brown and yellow in the lightest area. This kept my colours inter-linked while allowing the different natural tones of the colours to help me with my tonal values.

· Look at my loose drawing examples. Using a simple mug from the kitchen, practice this looser style with colour pencils, but begin without outlines!

Next lesson: Bring a still life, three objects, very simple forms and simple colours/tones. Bring colour pencils

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